Sneak Peak for Mr. L – Senior Shoot


So I’d hoped I would be ready to release my new website and blog with this sneak peak, but alas I’m still not there yet. Though I’m close so stay tuned! Anyway, last week over Spring Break, I had the opportunity to do a senior shoot for Mr. L. His Mom informed me that he was a simple guy with simple desires for this shoot! I love that Mr. L had a sense of who he is and I hope he likes the results of our time together.

There were a lot of photography firsts for me on this outing. This was my first male senior session, I got to try out a new location (which I LOVE), I got to take some shots of a pet python, and had a sweet, beautiful girlfriend along that I was able to capture as well! I loved the experience and have learned much from it. One of the biggest lessons I learned, is to check your settings throughout your shoot. I realized at some point my ISO was bumped up to a crazy high number. I am very happy that I caught that early on! It was a good reminder to me however, that it’s important to double check things often during a session. I love being stretched and grown in this field, and every time out I am adding to my knowledge and experience!

I am pretty sure throughout the afternoon the L family learned something about me, and that is the reality that I’m not really good in math! My line “Just one more…”, really translates to about twenty more pictures. Somehow that math works in my head, and I think the rest of the world just needs to catch up! 😉

Congrats Mr. L – so happy to see where life takes you! Many blessings and prayers as you set out on this next chapter of your life journey!







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