It’s A Boy!! Sneak Peak for the O’s!


So my friend Mrs O. finally had her baby…and IT’S A BOY!! This little guy has been prayed for and much anticipated, and we are so glad he’s finally here. His nickname has been “Oreo” since he was just a little peanut in mama’s womb, so it seemed only appropriate to have a Cookie Monster hat made for the occasion! And being a March baby, a Leprechaun hat to boot.

I so enjoyed playing “dress up” with the beautiful Mr. O. He was fairly patient with me and the process. When he wasn’t, we were happy to discover, all it took was the “magic lamp” (read my little space heater) directed towards him and our little leprechaun would happily and quite quickly fall back to sleep.

Thank you Mrs. O for sharing a good part of your day and this little guy with me. I hope you love what you see here!  I look forward to watching him grow!

For the record, I LOVE doing newborn sessions.  I could do these every day, all day for the rest of eternity and be perfectly happy!!  It’s awesome being able to do something you love!





A picture especially for Dad, who just happens to be a Science Professor (and so is Mom for that matter!). It only seemed appropriate! 🙂


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