My First Newborn Session


So obviously I am playing “catch up” tonight. I’ve been swamped with photo sessions, continued learning in photography classes, post processing, and developing a solid business plan to move forward in this here little leap of faith! It’s been a crazy, wild ride already! Anyway, I’ve already given this sweet girl’s “sneak peak” on my facebook page, but I would be neglect if I didn’t show you my very first newborn session, and introduce you to this sweet baby girl.

I have to admit…I think I’m going to LOVE newborn sessions! It’s a good thing too, because I have two more scheduled this weekend! Nothing like getting those sweet baby snuggles AND a solid nights sleep! 😉 Seriously though, this was so much fun. I learned a lot through this time, particularly that baby is in charge! You may WANT a cute, scrunchy sleepy baby pose…but if baby is more interested in that weird looking black thing attached to your face, you are more likely to get the very cute, puzzled, “who in the world are you?” look!   But I love that just as much. 

These precious little ones have so much personality, and I love being able to try an capture that with my lens!CopyrightSommerDaysPhotograpy-0126




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