“Head Shots”


So my final post for the evening is of our friend who is an actor, and another “first” for me in that he needed some new head shots.  I was really happy with the results! My hubby came as my assistant on this cold dreary day and found me some INCREDIBLE backdrops. Really, you can’t go wrong with old abandoned house with vintage curtains still in the windows and vines traveling up the siding! 🙂

I learned a few other things about head shots and this kind of shoot: First, that is exactly what they are – shots of someones head. They really want you to focus on the face and eyes – no extra limbs necessary. Second – eyes really are the “windows into your soul” and KEY for these kinds of pictures. So make sure they are clear and bright. Third, producers sometimes want to get a sense of your body type so one or two full length pictures aren’t necessarily a bad thing.

Hopefully, these will be good enough to land Mr. D some face to face screen tests!





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