The “L” Senior Shoot

Lewis Shoot-0025So meet Ms. L!  She is officially my first senior shoot!  I have to admit, I was a little nervous about doing a senior shoot.  I’m not exactly sure why, maybe because I know these pictures freeze a really special moment in time for a teenager.  A huge chapter of their life is about to close, and wonderful new chapter is about to begin.  Somehow I feel the weight of capturing these special moments.  Ms. L made it easy for me though.  She is such a sweet girl, she had some ideas and brought some things that were special to her, and I loved getting to know her a bit more!  A couple things I learned – She loves Jesus and cupcakes! That right there makes her a favorite in my book! 🙂

For those folowing my blog to see what I’m learning….I have been working a lot on trying to get the crispness into my photos that I see in my head. Recently, I had an epiphany about shutter speed, and decided to focus on making sure those speeds were fast enough during this shoot.  I saw a huge difference as a photographer.  I got way more pictures then I promised, and am thrilled with what I’ve captured.  Now I hardly can decide what to post for Ms. L’s sneak peak.

So again, I can only say thank you for choosing me to capture these precious memories.  I hope you are as happy with them as I am!Lewis Shoot-0188

Lewis Shoot-0127

Lewis Shoot-0393

Lewis Shoot-0500

Lewis Shoot-0626Lewis Shoot-0646

Lewis Shoot-0330

Lewis Shoot-0224


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