The “M” Family

Meet the “M” family! I love this family! I have had the privilege of getting to know Mom and kids over the last year or two and was thrilled when she asked me to do their family pics!  It was great to get to know Dad a little better too.  And I had so much fun trying to capture these little munchkins! They kept me on my toes, but I loved seeing their personalities come through in the pics I got. It was high energy from the start and really worked my ability to think on my feet.

Later after I got home (and breathed my typical sigh of relief after downloading them), I couldn’t help but think about the “manifesto” that came across my Facebook page the other day. It went like this:

A Manifesto For Photographers
You and your camera,
Capturing the flicker of an eyelid, the beating of a wing, a droplet of water, a heartbeat, a smile.
Precious moments that vanish before you realize they existed.
Colour, composition, light, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, flash, focus, lens, SLR, digital, film, fisheye, positive, negative…none of these matter as much as the moment.

The memory now preserved for a lifetime.

This is what I love about photography, and capturing these families.  Preserving those moments of Dad hugging Mom, the little one sticking out her tongue as she runs by the camera or the soulful eyes of big sister, and the impish grin of a little boy. These are all fleeting moments.  As a photographer I get to freeze time. One day when these little ones are older, I can imagine them sitting around, looking at these pictures…and smiling, because this is life.  These are who our little ones start out as, and while the day and day out can seem like an eternity at times to us Mom’s, the reality is they are but a breath.

So this is what I learned today…photography reminds me to treasure the little moments and quirks of my own family and take time to breathe them in deeply.  Not a very technical lesson, but an important one none the less.


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