The “C” Family

Ok, so seriously, I had no idea which pics to showcase here because I LOVE everyone of them!! Such a fun family!! I so enjoyed watching their interactions as a family. You could see their personalities shine throughout the entire shoot. There was the quiet one, the fun loving confident talker, the all boy/slightly camera shy one (or maybe he was just tired of my “ok, just one more” line:), and the baby who so obviously loved the outdoors and all the creatures in it. It was the perfect place to take their pics and I really enjoyed the experience. What makes me even happier is we already have a tentative time to do another photo shoot!

This sessions lesson for me was to keep track of the “individual” pics I am taking. In a group of more then two kids, it’s easy to loose track of what I’ve done. Unfortunately my variety with one of the kids was limited and it makes me sad that I didn’t capture more of her beautiful smile. However, with the next session already tentatively planned, I have promised to make it up to her!

Thanks so much “C” family, I’m already counting down the days till we can do this again! I hope you enjoy your sneak peak!



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