The “G” Family

Here is my third “official” shoot – the “G” family! I have to say I’m extremely grateful for friends who believe in me enough to let me capture their beautiful families. 🙂 I am finding the scariest part of this journey is the time between the shoot, and getting the pics home onto my computer! While the pics look good on my little viewfinder, I never really relax till I see the pics on my screen!

Some of the things I learned this time out…location, location, location.   The background you choose really does affect your creative “mojo”!  When the shoot started, we headed into an area of the park that I had never shot in before, but had some ideas for.  However, whether it was lighting or colors, or the fact there was already another photographer there, I don’t know… it just lacked something and I found myself struggling creatively.

This meant unfortunately for my friends that they got their exercise as we walked a good bit to find my mojo again! 🙂  I’m not sure how to overcome that one just yet, but it’s something I am contemplating right now.  In  the end, while my “perfectionist” tendencies sees the blaring areas where I still need to grow, I am thrilled with what I walked away with from this shoot.

Thanks so much, for your patience with me “G” family, as I traipsed you around the park.  I learned much from my time with you, and I hope you enjoy the moments I captured!


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