My Journey

Photography has been a passion of mine for years now.  I can’t really tell you where it started, just that I know I have loved pictures my whole life. My earliest memories as a child include me climbing up the very steep staircase to our attic of our tiny, red, cape cod house, where I could sit for hours and pour over the old box of family photos.  I don’t think I could have put it into words then, but somehow I sensed that those pictures connected me to something bigger.  A story that was not mine, and yet a part of me.  It stretched through years, and generations and in that connection there was a sense of belonging.

As I grew I longed to give that same connection to my own children, and so in my earliest married days I snapped away with my little point and shoot cameras, always tucked in the back of my mind was that one day my kids would pour over my story and feel that they too were a part of something bigger.  I hoped that somehow they too would feel they belonged to the pages of history already written, and continue to write their own story…separate, yet connected.

Today my love of pictures, has carried me to the next step.   I want to take that love, and grow it.  I want to be stretched and grow beyond taking pictures,and earn the right to be called a photographer.  I want to capture beauty in the every day.  I want to learn how to freeze these moments that slip through my fingers faster then the sands of an hourglass.  And maybe, just maybe, one day I will be confident enough to help you freeze your hourglass moments.

And so I’m on a journey to learn my craft…study, try, fail, and try again… till I get it right.

In this  process, maybe I can encourage you to take that leap of faith, into whatever “scary” path you feel God calling you too. I would love to encourage you to grab your camera, and find the beauty in that journey and hold it for a moment. Then tell your story to the next generation through those pictures.

Will you join me?

Ready, set….here we go.


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