Worked Out the Kinks

So since my last post about moving my blog to my website, I’ve worked out the kinks!! Be sure to check out my website, and follow my blog at its new location if you haven’t already!

Here’s the address:

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Thanks everyone!


I’ve Moved!

Hey all, it’s official…I’ve moved!! I’ve moved blog locations that is!

With the launch of my website, I’ve decided it’s just easier to keep my business website and blog all in one location! So come check my new digs out, and “follow me” over there if you’d like to continue with me on my journey into doing what I love!

Here’s the new address:

Sneak Peak for Mr. L – Senior Shoot


So I’d hoped I would be ready to release my new website and blog with this sneak peak, but alas I’m still not there yet. Though I’m close so stay tuned! Anyway, last week over Spring Break, I had the opportunity to do a senior shoot for Mr. L. His Mom informed me that he was a simple guy with simple desires for this shoot! I love that Mr. L had a sense of who he is and I hope he likes the results of our time together.

There were a lot of photography firsts for me on this outing. This was my first male senior session, I got to try out a new location (which I LOVE), I got to take some shots of a pet python, and had a sweet, beautiful girlfriend along that I was able to capture as well! I loved the experience and have learned much from it. One of the biggest lessons I learned, is to check your settings throughout your shoot. I realized at some point my ISO was bumped up to a crazy high number. I am very happy that I caught that early on! It was a good reminder to me however, that it’s important to double check things often during a session. I love being stretched and grown in this field, and every time out I am adding to my knowledge and experience!

I am pretty sure throughout the afternoon the L family learned something about me, and that is the reality that I’m not really good in math! My line “Just one more…”, really translates to about twenty more pictures. Somehow that math works in my head, and I think the rest of the world just needs to catch up! 😉

Congrats Mr. L – so happy to see where life takes you! Many blessings and prayers as you set out on this next chapter of your life journey!






It’s A Boy!! Sneak Peak for the O’s!


So my friend Mrs O. finally had her baby…and IT’S A BOY!! This little guy has been prayed for and much anticipated, and we are so glad he’s finally here. His nickname has been “Oreo” since he was just a little peanut in mama’s womb, so it seemed only appropriate to have a Cookie Monster hat made for the occasion! And being a March baby, a Leprechaun hat to boot.

I so enjoyed playing “dress up” with the beautiful Mr. O. He was fairly patient with me and the process. When he wasn’t, we were happy to discover, all it took was the “magic lamp” (read my little space heater) directed towards him and our little leprechaun would happily and quite quickly fall back to sleep.

Thank you Mrs. O for sharing a good part of your day and this little guy with me. I hope you love what you see here!  I look forward to watching him grow!

For the record, I LOVE doing newborn sessions.  I could do these every day, all day for the rest of eternity and be perfectly happy!!  It’s awesome being able to do something you love!





A picture especially for Dad, who just happens to be a Science Professor (and so is Mom for that matter!). It only seemed appropriate! 🙂

Sneak Peak of Little Ms. L


So I got to meet this little cutie pie last weekend. I was so excited to visit her family’s beautiful farm and do her newborn shoot. At just over a week she was the perfect little farm princess. So sleepy and compliant to me moving her around. And at the end, she let us see her beautiful inquisitive eyes.

Thank so much Mrs. L for letting me come and document these precious first days. You have such a sweet family, and I love your little farm. I look forward to using it as a backdrop for future sessions!

I really hope you love these as much as I do!





A picture of Big Brother, taken on the fly as they showed me the farm. :)  So cute!
A picture of Big Brother, taken on the fly as they showed me the farm. 🙂 So cute!

Sweet 16 Event Sneak Peak


So last week I had the opportunity to shoot a very special birthday for a young lady we know. Sweet 16! It was such a fun and happy event it was hard not to smile. Most girls love an opportunity to get dressed up fancy, and what a perfect opportunity then to do just that and celebrate their friend’s birth!

I’m not sure my pictures do the evening justice, but I hope when they look at them they will remember fondly the love, warmth, and friendship felt throughout the evening. I have no doubt this evening full of family and friends will be one of those treasured memories down the road for Ms. C!

So to you Ms. C, I pray this year is a very special one for you. I pray you will discover new depths of how much the Lord loves you, and you will sense His presence every day as you continue to grow into the woman God knows you to be. Happy Birthday!!









Sneak Peak for the “O” Family – Maternity


So these are my friends, the O Family! I was so excited to do this shoot for them, because this baby that is coming is one that we all prayed for! We are so excited that he or she’s arrival is so very near.

The day of our shoot, we had planned for the lovely light of that “golden hour” right before sunset, but what we got was overcast and one of the coldest days in the south!  I guess you just can’t plan for everything!  We pressed on regardless, and while it proved a little tricky at times, I still managed to get some great pics of this lovely little family.  I’m sure it took all of us several hours to defrost but hopefully after they see these, they will think it was worth it!

Now I can add “maternity” to my portfolio! Stay tuned, because I get to do the newborn session too! I can’t wait!






Little Mr. B’s Sneak Peak


Here is the sneak peak for my third newborn session. This little guy was a dream to work with. Just over a week old, and he was so sleepy, sweet I really almost couldn’t stop taking pictures of him. Mr. and Mrs. K are friends of my sisters and grandparents to this sweet baby, and they asked me to come and capture these precious moments with their first grandson.

I learned much with these last two newborn session. One of the big lessons being, it’s probably not good to plan two newborn sessions back to back. There is a good chance you will need to wash your blankets and props. 🙂 It was a special time at both of these newborn sessions though, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to capture these beautiful little boys.

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. K for asking me to come capture the newest little member to your family. I so enjoyed getting to know you guys better and the opportunity to meet the rest of your family. To Ms. J thanks for sharing your little guy with me for a couple hours. You are going to do just fine! Blessings to all of you as you enjoy the precious Mr. B!







Sneak Peak of the Dapper Mr. S


So seriously, I don’t even know which pictures to post for this beautiful little family as their “sneak peak”, I love all of them so much! But alas, I must decide, so here they are. This was my second baby session, and I have to admit I could really love making newborns my specialty. I love everything about it, and my hubby loves that I can get my baby fix without getting any crazy ideas about adding to our own family. 🙂

Thank you so much Mrs. S for choosing me to capture this special moment in your lives. I hope you love these pictures as much as I do!untitled-